Friday, June 15, 2007

About the trail

Several people have asked me to add info about my route. I can't find a great source for this information online, and it would be difficult to copy my detailed book of maps. A high-level map can be found at Zoom in on the section from Canmore to Vancouver. This section is my basic route, and stretches out over 1300km. If you can find a better map online, please post the link in a comment.


Cat said...

hey josh,

crazy walking to BC...are you going all by yourself?? do you have any support people with you along the way?? let me know more details


Dot said...

Hey Josh!

Megan, Amanda and I are thinking of you, admiring you, and keeping you in our prayers. I even have your picture up (not on the fridge) but on my cupboard. Up until today, I've only heard information about how your cat is doing, so it's great to read your posts and see your pictures. We'll be following your journey!
...and we're praying for your Mum.
Love, Dot