Sunday, July 8, 2007

Day one notes from the trail

Sat. June 23, 2007 Day one

Greetings from the trail,

I made a minor revision to my starting point, and began from the Elk Pass trail in Kananaskis. This cut a few days from my trip, but saved the trouble of camping in a Provincial park.

I started out from Calgary this morning and drove to the trail head at about 10:00 am with my Dad and Uncle. They hiked in with me past the BC border before I said goodbye. I continued on my own through the Elk lakes park and a few kms down the gravel road toward Elkford.

I set up camp in a recreational camp ground, and quickly feel asleep for an afternoon nap. The camp is descent, and I think I'll make something to eat soon. I would guess I walked 17 -18 kms today.

The views were great. I'd say the best was from a marshy meadow surrounded by mountains. Hard not to be impressed by nature there.

See you on the trail,
Joshua Ganes

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