Friday, July 13, 2007

Wednesday July 4, 2007 Day 12

Greetings from the trail.

Today my book attempted to defy reality several times. My guide to the trail has been pretty decent so far, but today it turned against me.

It began by sending me south from Elko on a trail eventually destined to intersect highway 93. This would be fine if the trail existed, a fact the book neglects to mention on the map page, but instead comments in passing about it in the description. I then tried a convenient looking road near by that would by-pass the gap in the trail, only to find that the road is highly restricted. Once again, no comment about this can be found on the map.

I then decided to back track and walk highway 3 to 93 and rejoin the trail there. Once again, the book lied to me about the access route's location. The book had it clearly beyond a major curve in the highway. Luckily, I noticed the TCT signs as the road crossed the highway.

From there the trail continues to a small, marshy lake. The map said the trail passes to the west of the lake, while in reality it is really to the east. This was simply another point for confusion.

I continued on to the small town of Baynes Lake. It would appear this town is at the nexus of the universe, as when the map lied to me yet again about the location of a near by campsite I asked a few passing vehicles. The first 2 I asked were both lost too. Excellent!!!

See you on the trail,
Joshua Ganes

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