Friday, July 13, 2007

Monday July 2, 2007 Day 10

Greetings from the trail,

Last night was not too bad. I still wasn't a hundred percent healthy, but felt well enough to go watch the fireworks in the park. I was sitting near an intoxicated woman who sounded exactly like a close family friend I call "Auntie" Wendy. This was particularly amusing as every time she said something( and she did at most fireworks) I could swear she was Wendy. So I spent the Canada day fireworks with a completely smashed Auntie Wendy who kept yelling out more and more ridiculous things.

This morning I woke up feeling alright with only a couple late - night bathroom visits for the evening. I only walked approximately 10 kms today, but it is good to be on the move again. It's also nice to be off the highway and on a quieter dirt road.

See you on the trail,
Joshua Ganes

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Chris said...

You're doing great. Keep it up.