Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July 5, 2007 Cay 13

Today's trip went a whole lot smoother than yesterday. After a quick jaunt from the campground back to the main road. I followed the main road until a sign told me to go right for North Star Lake. The road I followed was not technically the TCT, But it was a much clearer route. I traveled about 18 km.

This recreational campground is one of the nicest I've visited so far. It's clean and well organized I'm sitting right beside the lake. After hiking far too long in the hot summer sun, it was great to go for my first swim of the trip. The water was quite warm, but cool enough to relieve myself from the heat.

Tomorrow I plan to reach Wapiti Lake. Hopefully it's as nice as this place.

See you on the trail.
Joshua Ganes

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