Friday, July 13, 2007

Thursday June 28, 2007 Day 6

Greetings from the trail,

It turns out that yesterdays hike was more like 25 - 26 kms, after today's tally of approx. 22kms.

I made it to Sparwood today, and am camping just south of the town centre. I was very relieved to make it into town, as I was quite exhausted. I happened to run into a gentleman who I spoke with briefly about where I had camped just north of Elkford. He was impressed with my progress.

The heat of the day is on me, so I'm waiting in the picnic shack to set up camp. This is the first paid , full service camp I've stayed at, and I'm looking forward to a shower tonight.

Otherwise, I'm doing OK, and expect I might make Fernie with a hard push tomorrow.

See you on the trail,
Joshua Ganes

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