Sunday, August 5, 2007

Fri July 20, 2007 - Day 28

Greetings from the trail,

Today was a tale of two days, or portions of a day anyhow. The first half of the day started at 6:15am and lasted to 12:00 noon. I continued struggling up the hill, but did not have the energy of yesterday's climb. I took more and longer rests than on any other day on the trail so far. When I reached the summit, I rested at a picnic table and made myself a warm lunch using my camp stove.

The second half of the day was all downhill, and I felt energized by my lunch. It started at 1:00pm and ended at about 5:00pm. This was certainly my longest day on the trail yet. However, I still only covered slightly over 20km. After such a day, a nice rest would be welcome. Unfortunately, my campsite today is less than ideal. Oh well, time for sleep.

See you on the trail,

Joshua Ganes

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