Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sat July 21, 2007 - Day 29

Greetings from the trail,

I woke up early today and got on the road by 5:15am. That may be the earliest start to date. The trail continued downward for some distance until I hit the highway 6 junction. I then followed highway 6 south to the Nelway border crossing. I made it to within 50ft of the border, but didn't want to cause trouble by trying to get into the US for just a moment.

I travelled about 20km today. My legs are pretty sore from the last couple days, so I'm hoping they'll heal with some well-earned rest.

One final note is that as I crossed the pass yesterday, I finally left what my book calls the "Rocky Mountain Region." The book says it is 419km long, though I would argue for a little more. I'm now in the "West Kootenay Region" which is much shorter. I plan to cross it in 4-5 days.

See you on the trail,

Joshua Ganes

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