Thursday, August 30, 2007

Saturday, August 18, 2007 - Day 45

Greetings from the trail,

Last night my left knee was hurting and was not much better this morning. The combination of pain, distances, and camping availabilities made me decide to cut my walk short at about 12km, stopping just before Myra Canyon.

Whenever I set out with a goal less than 15km away, I get in my head that the day will be a cakewalk. This never turns out to be true. Sure, 12km beats 24km any day, but it's still a significant distance to cover. That's especially true with a full load on my back.

Judging from my maps, there are no accessible water sources from Hydraulic Lake to Chute Lake. That section will take 3 days to cover. As such, I filled my water bladder with about 8 liters of water. This means that instead of the usual 3 liters and 6.6lbs of water I was carrying it will be 17.6 lbs of water. 11 extra pounds makes a big difference.

I forgot to mention that it rained yesterday. That's probably 'cause it lasted about 3 minutes and amounted to almost nothing. Today I was hit by a few slightly-more-significant periods of rain. This was after I'd found a campsite for the night. I was lying down to rest without my tent fly when I suddenly felt raindrops. I rushed out of the tent and rain proofed the camp quicker than any day previously. Sprinklings of rain continued for a couple of hours.

Today's campsite has a view of three different lakes - all of them at least 20kms away. I can also see the whole city of Kelowna from Lake Okanagan to the airport where i was just over two weeks ago. It's right on the edge of the area burnt by forest fire in 2003.

See you on the trail,
Joshua Ganes

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