Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mon August 27, 2007 - Day 54

Greetings from the trail,

Today was one of the most beautiful hikes I've had out here on the trail. it started with the route from Princeton to Coalmont, which I'd already begun yesterday. The route continued to provide beautiful red cliffs surrounding a wild flowing river. I passed through another tunnel and over three more trestles before reaching Coalmont. I'd definitely recommend this route to anyone looking for a long, single-day hike. The only challenge is the length at 19-20km.

The route from Coalmont to Tulameen was less impressive, but still quite pleasant. I stopped in town for lunch and to mail on my journal entries. The small town looks like a decent place based on my brief visit.

After stopping in town, the route continued next to the picturesque Otter Lake. The lake is calm and deep blue, surrounded by steep mountain slopes on all sides. It's quite a sight to see also. If I were looking for a small town setting, Tulameen would be in the running.

I can never seem to find the recreational campgrounds listed in the guide book. This one even appeared on the trail sign as the trail passed through town. After walking past the end of the lake and still not finding it, I turned back to the nearest reasonable area. There are no signs to speak of, but clearly people have camped here before. There is a large fire pit and a path in and out of the clearing by the lake. A nice spot, but I'm not sure if I'm technically supposed to be here. Oh well, I'm tired and not hurting anyone.

See you on the trail,

Joshua Ganes

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