Thursday, September 13, 2007

Mon September 3, 2007 - Day 61

Greetings from the trail,

Today started with a little backtracking down the hill and back up around the lake. I wasn't too happy for that portion as I hate doing the same work twice. Must be a product of my computing background.

After a little while on the trail I was surprised by a family friend from Mission. Chris Stahli decided to come and join me for half a day. It was a long half too. Once again, it was nice to have some company.

After a while we came to a fork between the official and alternate routes listed in the book. A short while later, it was clear that the alternate was not a good option. We went back to the real trail, which was a nice narrow trail through the woods. After lunch, Chris turned back while I carried on. The trail began to climb and hasn't stopped yet. I'm camped beside the road about 1/2 of the way to the top of the pass. It'll be nice to get down the other side. As far as I know, this is the last major climb of the trip.

I am unfortunately missing one good thing from the regular world. Today was the Labour Day Classic between the Eskimos and the Stampeders. Oh well, maybe I'll catch the rematch in a week.

See you on the trail,

Joshua Ganes

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