Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wed August 29, 2007 - Day 56

Greetings from the trail,

It was a breakthrough day on the trail today. I began by walking to the town of Brookmere, which is little more than a few houses bunched together. Although, I did find a cell phone signal, which I had lost earlier.

Why is reaching Brookmere important, you ask? For one, it marks the "official" end of the KVR trail. That being said, I still followed the KVR rail bed all day today. Secondly, Brookmere is the border between the Okanagan and Southwestern BC regions of the book. Lastly, Brookmere is about the 3/4 mark of my trip.

According to the region totals in my book, I have now passed 1000km at 1015km plus the additional distance travelled today. When I read that number it doesn't feel nearly as impressive as it does when I think about how long it would take to drive it.

The final breakthrough of the day was in reaching someplace familiar to me. Nearing the end of my day, I passed under the Coquihalla highway and followed the trail on the west side. As I've been over the Coquihalla many times, I was very excited to reach it.

I've set up camp by the Coldwater River, not too far from the highway. I can hear some of the larger trucks as they pass. I hope they don't bother me too much tonight when it's time for bed.

See you on the trail,

Joshua Ganes

P.S. I also finally caught up with the northernmost piece of trail remaining. I haven't been in this position since shortly after leaving Sparwood in the first week of my trip.

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